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So what can you expect to find in your hired photo booth

  • Touch Screen
  • With every single photo booth hire we include our touch screen technology. Neatly enclosed within the booth itself the touch screen will guide you and your guests through the picture taking process. It will give you various options depending on what you have booked, from black and white to colour, to green screen. The guidance is easy to follow and large animate buttons will prompt you to getting the perfect picture. With our photo booth hires that contain the HD video messaging option this is all again run from the touch screen and will give clear and fun indication to how to leave the best message possible!

  • The Camera
  • In all our photo booths we use Canon DSLR 18.0 megapixel cameras, These cameras are used by professional photographers and as you can see from the gallery they produce incredible images! We make sure that the lense is cleaned before each hire and we test all cameras before they leave us. To find out more about the Canon camera we use please go directly to the official Canon website.

  • HD Video Messaging
  • Your guests can leave personal messages for you in the booth. Our photo booth hire is therefore perfect for weddings or a product or corporate launch where you would like consumer feedback making it an ideal marketing tool. This is a free device that we add to every photo booth hire. This tool alone makes this outstanding value for money as it allows the fun photo booth to become a personal video messaging pod that your guests can enjoy while inside the booth. After each event we collect all of the videos taken in the booth and send to you on a DVD alongside the disc of photos that you and your guests will have great fun creating.

  • Green Screen
  • Without doubt the most fun you can have with the photo booth hire we offer and a great way to personalise your event. Be it a wedding, corporate party or themed event the green screen can be anything you would like it to be. We can create a various selection of images that you wish to use. Some people have images of themselves so that your guests can pretend to be in the photo booth with you. Other great ideas that we have had are: Scary animals (Sharks, Dinosaurs etc) Famous People (ideal for theming) Famous land marks personal images 80’s disco theme Each event is totally different but the beauty of the green screen in our photobooths is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It will place the image behind you and your guests and you can then position yourself in the perfect place to make the shot look like it was taken on location.

  • Live Streaming Monitor
  • So with every photo booth hire we also offer the use of a large screen monitor that sits outside the photo booth so everyone can see how silly the people inside look. We offer this as an added extra if you want to make the photobooth a little more fun and can really make people laugh especially when the people inside forget that they are not only on the screen in front of them This is an ideal add on for those of you that are not to shy!


    In short the live monitor is hilarious as you can bet that while waiting to use the booth you will be in line giggling at your friends sat inside looking silly but as soon as you enter the photobooth everyone seems to forget that they are being watched and puts on the poser face for the camera while all your friends and seeing it all live on the screen outside!